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Hotel Isla de la Garena

Check out the spaces we offer you to make your stay at Isla de la Garena Hotel even more relaxing.

*Spa will be open from September to June / The outdoor swimming pool will be closed from September to June (check with the hotel the concrete opening and closing dates please) .

It is mandatory to wear sandals and swimming cap in the spa.


The spa will be closed during summer.

The spa of the Isla de la Garena Hotel is a space for those who need to disconnect from the daily routine and focus simply on enjoying. Our hotel has the ideal facilities to offer you all the comfort you need.

Our SPA has a jet neck-swan, bubbles and two jets for the cervical area. Next to the water area is also the wonderful Turkish bath. During your stay at Isla de la Garena Hotel you can enjoy all the benefits offered by the spa area.

*According to the regulations of the Coomunity of Madrid, it is mandatory to access the Spa with a cap. Children under 16 are not allowed in the spa. Children under 12 years old must be accopanied by an adult

Fitness center

The fitness center of the hotel is aimed at those who enjoy taking care of themselves. The facilities are fully equipped and have a large variety of aerobic machines.

During your stay you will have access to this space so that you can disconnect while you exercise. In addition, the wide schedules of this space are specially designed for people with tight schedules.

Swimming pool

The Hotel Isla de la Garena in Alcalá de Henares has an outdoor swimming pool for adults with two streets for uninterrupted swimming.

In addition, younger guests will be able to splash around in our children's pool. The pool is open during the summer season to all our guests, who will undoubtedly enjoy the dinners we organize in our barbecue.