Hotel Isla de la Garena - Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, 28806, Spain

Communion at Isla de la Garena Hotel

  • Celebraciones

Isla de la Garena Hotel offers you all types of rooms with natural lighting and outdoor gardens to celebrate the First Holy Communion of your children with their family and guests.

It is very easy to prepare your First Holy Communion budget. You just simply choose the different dishes you want to be served in your celebration, and each of them has its own price. Add them up and you will have the final price.

The hotel offers you special entertainment for your children. If you would like to have a private entertainment, please check with the hotel commercials.

The hotel will serve sweets for all kids and a special gift for the celebrant.

Communion Menus 


  • Special gift for the celebrant
  • First Holy Communion menu on each table with your personalised photo
  • Free entertainment for children
  • Private parking (up to complete availability)
  • Special room rates for guests
  • Celebraciones
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